September 21, 2004

good morning

Imagine this, a young black woman is put on a deserted, arid and rocky island by a gang of men (pirates?). Regularly, once a week or so their ship docks the tiny island. Shawna is a sex slave. She never rebels or tries to escape. Years pass, incited by her now teenage daughter, carrying another toddler girl in her arms, the three venture to the other "forbidden" side of the island. They meet the "tourists". Those white, aging plump and flabby people in sandals and shorts, women with coifed curly hair and big sun glasses, are very compassionate. They want to help Shawna off the island. Shawna, like Moses, is old and tired, her mission accomplished by delivering her children to freedom. She dies on the island as her two daughters sail away with the "tourists".
I actually dreamt this! :)

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