October 27, 2004

I am not selling anything

Nevada, weekend of Oct 23rd.
Californians descend on Reno and Carson city.
An empowering, hopefull energy fills us as car after car
in the parking lot turns out to carry California state plates.
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We gathered in front of the Democratic HQ in Reno... The mission is going door to door to encourage registered Democrats and Non Partisans to get out and vote early.
It is very difficult to gauge what impact our personal visits had. In an upscale suburb of Reno on saturday, most people were not home. I am hoping they all were at the nearby library where an early polling station was set up. Those who were home to answer the door for the Nth time I am sure, politely redeclared their intention to vote for John Kerry. I was perplexed by women married to Republican voting husbands. I imagined myself in their place, and was clear that if it was my marriage - it would not survive this years elections.
Sunday, Carson City. A lower middle class neighborhood. A few more surprises.
Ignorance of facts and narrow-mindedness have produced a few G.W. Bush supporters:
- An older man who thinks both Kerry and Bush are same caliber opponents - equally dumb. He doesn't want to be responsible for electing either one of them.
- A redneck gay couple wanting to bomb the entire middle east - because We Can!
- A US born man of a Mexican descent, voting for Bush because he feels he's been doing well economically. Discussion about minimum wage and job losses did not interest him - he described himself as "rich" earning a top amount of 15$/h.
He said all the lazy minorities should get off welfare.
Too bad he did not run into his elderly neighbor a street away who struggles to support her brain damaged son.
- And finally a woman squandering her opportunity to vote for a candidate who's got her best interest at stake - by shutting the door in my face topping it off by: "I am not interested".
Only, I wasn't selling anything...

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October 26, 2004

He speaks with Images

I am new to blogging, it is a personal and social discovery and experiment. I post and observe.
Blogger is not a tool - it is a community. Some of you stop, some of you stop and read, some still, stop, read and ponder, others even take time to comment. It is a tremendous thrill to capture someone's attention and evoke a response, a special thank you to all who comment, most often you will find my response to your thoughts on your return visits.

Take a peak at this site. Juan Buhler speaks with Images, sometimes however, he speaks with words too.
Take a look at his thoughtful blog.

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October 25, 2004


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1 oz unfiltered sake
1 oz peach schnapps
1 oz blue curracao
on cured cherry base

That's how canvassers celebrated their effort to turn Nevada blue - Oct. 23rd 2004.
A quaint little bar San Francisco style in the middle of flashy Reno.
The entire weekend I marveled at the diversity of the Democratic following. Barely 20 young adults, to older couples or lone persons, lesbian mothers, reticent gay professionals, married main stream once were hippies, single women past their prime, tax paying non citizens, all gathered for a single cause of outsitting Bush - probably to not ever meet again.

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October 19, 2004

Wangari Maathai

This years Nobel prize for Peace was awarded to East African activist - Wangari Maathai.
This very accomplished woman (full biography in the link) was divorced from her husband in 1980 on the grounds of being
"too educated, too strong, too successful, and too hard to control."
24 years later she is a Nobel Prize Laureate. I wonder what would be her life path if she yielded a little more to please her husband.

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October 16, 2004

Canadians are people too

There is an article on Kuro5phin titled The Decline and Fall of Canada.
It points out the the stability of Canadian government, its moderate international involvement, provisions for public welfare and inclusive embrace of all cultures and languages which all amount to Canada's egalitarian society where general public's welfare is a top concern. Despite all it's graces, Canada suffers from a brain drain of creative professionals especially in favor of the US. Of course, I say. Why pay taxes that go into a public pot luck to be shared among all the "have nots".
If higher financial return is possible elsewhere, people will generally chose their very personal good over the benefit of others. Those driven to excel, aspire to fulfill their potential. Money, position, status - are all measures of success. To perceive the full value of their work, Canadians have to view their personal successes as reflected not in the growth of their personal assets, but in the overall growth and well being of the entire country. That is a tough feat. And Canadians are only people too.

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October 13, 2004

4 days

Posing for a mainstream mom opposing Bush, I was busy doing the following for 4 days out of my mini sabbatical:

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50 personal, hand written letters to under-registered, under-voting single mothers. About 100$ in supply, print material and postage, sore muscles - my personal mini sacrifice for a better tomorrow.

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creative acoustics

A few weeks ago, walking in Golden Gate Park I came across a small tunnel streaming a single jazz guitar.
What a brilliant place to play! The sound carried through the stone tunnel and beautifully amplified on the other side. Here is whom I found on the playing end of it.
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